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One of the cities in Iran is in the west and the capital of the province and the city of Qazvin. The root of Qazvin city belongs to the Sassanid era, which flourished under Shapur's command. Qazvin is the capital of Iran's calligraphy In Ghazvin, there are various antiquities such as the Saad Al-Saltaneh Caravanserai, the Monkey Castle, the Qajar Baths, the Sardar's Water Sanctuary, the Promenade, the Chehelsotun Palace, the Imam Zadeh Hussein, Sepah Avenue (the first Iranian street).
جستجوی گلچین گشت
I love to visit Iran because:
Four season country IRAN has 11 climates out of 13 of the world so it’s a four season country for sure. The diversity of weather and nature of the Zagros Mountains is one of the reasons why most of the cities in this area include four-season weather, for example Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province. So that in a distance of less than 10 km, a tropical lush area can enters the snow-covered cold zone!
جستجوی گلچین گشت

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