About travel to barcelona
The center of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Spain is the most populous city in the northeastern Mediterranean coast of Spain. 2,000 years ago the Roman city of Barcelona as a city was Barsynv.
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 Madrid and its scenic beauty
The largest and most beautiful city of Madrid Spain's second largest city of the European Union. Madrid due to being geographically in the middle of Spain was chosen as the capital of Spain. Madrid city and its suburbs around six million three hundred thousand inhabitants. Madrid's most beautiful and most spectacular in Spain.
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 Tourist Attraction in Florence
Florence city of Italy that is combined with sculpture Besides Rome and Venice a city that is not worth seeing
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 The romantic city of Venice
On a visit to the romantic city of Venice, the world's largest modern city car can visit by boat from the artistic and architectural monuments. Venice market can buy the best spices and export of grain and silk.
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The most beautiful tourist areas of Rome
When set to visit the Italian capital Rome handing probably the world's largest museum of Rome hosts tourists from all over the world the reality series
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 Tourist Attractions Milan
Milan is Italy's second largest city located on the plains of Lombardy Milan has a clothes shopping centers Night Milan will leave unforgettable memories for tourists Milan is a fusion of classical and modern city
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 Paris is lovely and busy city
On a visit to Paris, the unique taste of cheese, chocolate and seafood will experience French. When the Eiffel Tower stand with fear and excitement sense will prevail in your whole being. When you arrive to Paris you will absorb its beauty. Series to visit museums. Metro're amazing. Beautiful stores you visit. The best time to visit Paris is spring. Summer in Paris is non-tolerance. Winter is not suitable for circulation. Parisians like we are on the Iranian people. If you happen to be on holiday for a week Tuesday restart shops will see the shop windows.
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