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هتل زندیه درجه هتل B.B
هتل زندیه درجه هتل B.B

هتل زندیه
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2 bedroom rate
1 bedroom rate

Tour information

tour type all inclusive holidays,
length of stay 2night and 3 day,
suitable for family including children, couples, elderlies, solo travellers, youths,
price economical,
Services breakfast, airport transfer,
difficulty level easy,
accommodation hotel,
transportation airplane,
necessary accessories identity document,
ticket type round trip ticket,
tour descriptions

he important thing is the price: the base price is due to choose the date, occasion trip, the first week and the weekend will be variable and display the prices in the table price criterion is not conclusive and does not have any responsibility on Marco Polo, so you should buy at a certain price control on the phone with agents.

If the traveler with double-occupancy room wants to stay more than two nights per person per night is added will have to add this amount to the tour.

price starts at


destination country Iran,
destination city Shiraz,

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