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Introduction to sustainable architecture and city design with no emissions of carbon , sustainable cities of the world

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Visitors of the last projects architects like Frank Gehry , Norman Foster, Zaha Hadid, Tadao Ando , Jean Nouvel, Martin Dfryn , SOM ، Atkins

The introduction of multi-effects in the specialized architectural tour will experience: :

Special travel for lovers of contemporary architecture and sustainable architecture and renewable energy project experience is closely specialized plan reflecting the views of the architectural and urban projects in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Visitors of the mass works projects in the United Arab Emirates, which has something to see and learn, the selection is. Describe each of these projects, architectural visions and professional look will change after traveling companions. Also visit the construction site of some of the projects under construction are also included in the program.


United Arabic Emirates is among the countries with the priority of sustainable development and huge financial resources have been trying to move in this direction, which can be used to design a project called "Masdar City" is named, which is by the famous English architect " Norman Foster "is designed to be compatible with the environment and the" sustainable city, zero-carbon, zero-emission "has been called. The main basis for the design of the city is clean and renewable energy sources.

Norman Robert Foster

Born June 1, 1935) is a famous British architect. His style revolves mostly around methods of sustainable architecture and green. He is for the design and construction of the dome of the Bundestag in Berlin known as "pickles" was pervasive in London.


The designer of the tower, Matryn Dvfryn, one of the most ambitious plans is implemented in the modern Pisa tower, which is 18 degrees to the West wants.

The tower was built in Abu Dhabi Exhibition Centre and the main materials used in the construction of stainless steel, concrete and glass. 35-storey Capital Gate, an office complex and a 5-star hotel has 200 rooms. To make this core structure is earthquake resistant building exactly in the opposite direction and direct it upward curve built.

Capital Gate view of 12 thousand and 500 glass panels of the 720 different forms have been made and the panels joined together to look like one big puzzle to create diamond-like tower. The glass facade makes 30 percent of the sun's heat to get into the building to be removed

Sheykh Zayed Bridge :

842 meters from Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed bridge between the island and mainland in the United Arabic Emirates is built. Construction of the bridge started in 2007 and ended in 2010. The bow-shaped bridge as the most complex the world has its own bridge by Arab architecture called "Zaha Hadid" architecture. In addition to the specific architecture of this work, as well as dynamic lighting system is fantastic.


Highlights of British Architects (Raqytbar) is in the style of deconstruction. In 2004 Hadid became the first woman to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize was awarded.

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