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Architecture tour Malaysia :

Malaysia as an architect with us your experience

Specialty travel to the territory of modern Islamic architecture experienced different from the special structure

Experience of specific structures

Mhvravl program: Introduction to architectural design of modern urban political capital of Malaysia Putrajaya smart city

Mhvrdvm program: visit of the last projects of sustainable architecture and high-rise _Saz·h cable _Saz·h

Special travel lovers of contemporary architecture and sustainable architecture and renewable energy project experience is closely specialized plan reflecting the views of architecture and urban projects in the Kvallampvr Vpvtrajaya. The effects of existing projects that have visited the midst of things to see and learn they had been selected. Describe each of these projects, architectural visions and professional look will change after traveling companions. Also visit the construction site of some of the projects under construction are also included in the program.

The idea of the establishment of Putrajaya :

And planned with the idea of ​​creating a city that is a symbol of strength and progress of Malaysia, in the early 1980s

Mind Mahathir Mohamad (fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, and in fact the father of evolution and growth of the country) reached. The goal is to reduce

Kuala Lumpur congestion and provide continued development of the city as the center of commercial and financial areas of the country.

However, in 1995, in a region in southern Malaysia, between Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya Project International Airport

Kuala Lumpur in an area of ​​over 4931 hectares, began in 1999 to prepare parts of it, some

Government departments and agencies were transferred there. Heard say that about six billion dollars

Construction of the city. Fully pre-planned city on the map and the many bridges in the artificial lake

Putrajaya in derived, is made.

Architecture Putrajaya :

Although Malaysia is a multiethnic country, with Malays, Chinese, Indians and Eurasians groups, but architecture has Putrajaya

Largely to modern Arabic style is approaching and it is a combination of Islamic architecture and modern architecture Western

Using elements of Western architecture that reflects Malaysia attention to world architecture. There are four buildings

All around the town's main street display of strength of Islam in Malaysia.

Bridge in Putrajaya Lake :

Several bridges connect the periphery of the main part of town. The bridge is a symbol of beauty,

Architecture, culture and technology. Most notably, Putra Bridge, which connects the public sector to the development of multi-purpose

And through it access to the Monorail, transportation, parks and other places have been provided. Architecture

The bridge was inspired by the architecture of the famous bridge in Isfahan Khaju and its length is 435 meters. The bridge at three levels:

Service is designed to be the main boulevard of the city's upper class, second class train passes Shhrydr Review

And the basement were used for cleaning and sailing. Some buildings are around the lake

Simulated world famous sites such as the Taj Mahal and Italian architecture in Venice.

Putrajaya mosque architecture is inspired by the Persian Safavid

Putra Jaya Putra Mosque Construction pick the mosque was also recognized in 1997 and after two

Year was put into operation. Inspired by the architecture of the Safavid Iranian mosque was built inside the lake and only from one side

Drought way. Pink mosque with granite floors and wooden doors to the mosque have different effects

The Mosque of Sultan Hassan mosque underlying yard

Palace of Justice :

Palace of Justice in Putrajaya is one of the most beautiful buildings and design of this beautiful building in a mixture of Islamic architecture, with

Inspired by the Taj Mahal in India, has been done. The palace consists of a main 5-storey building, with a wing two

Floor on either side of it. The main dome in the middle has a diameter of 32 meters and 34/15 meters high. Four dome at four

Each corner of the main dome has a diameter 12/72 and 12/94 meters are

Building summit of Islamic countries Putrajaya (Kanvnshal Center) :

Concourse or "conventional center" is also one of the main buildings in the city that surrounds the city's main street.

The building opposite the Prime Minister's office is located at the end of the city on a hill. The building in the shape of cowboy hats

Americans apparently designed by an American architect and has long been known as building CowboyHat

But recently tried to replace it with a different name. Indeed Malays believe that the architecture of buildings like hook

King their belts and belt design of the building of the royal family have been Malaysia. The building hosting the Tenth Summit of Islamic Countries in 2003 and the opening of the building is the same time at the summit.

Sustainable Architecture :

Pvtarjaya residential towers in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur is located in the south. The tower was designed by the studio. Nicoletti Associati

It has eight massive towers and planning of large complex Nbkhshy the business district of Kuala Lumpur considered

Patterns in the design of the towers, traditional buildings are in Malaysia. The general form Pvtarjaya residential towers reminiscent of the profile of a yacht, as well as an understanding of Islamic design in the area that is exposed to arc. The project amounts to 278,000 square meters of space to run and in the future of sustainable building patterns and will become more environmentally friendly.

The shell of the building to act intelligently and due to high energy performance, saves energy consumption will be 50%. Natural cooling techniques used for building ventilation and orientation of the tower is designed according to wind direction. One of the design principles of green architecture Pvtarjaya towers and the potential of plants for use in the building. Pvtarjaya residential tower of solar, wind and water used in various ways.

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